Class Visits

While Houghton is making extensive efforts to maintain normal operations during the renovation period, we expect to operate under some constraints with regard to staff time and the availability of meeting spaces and collections. Therefore, we making some changes to our teaching and instruction program during the renovation year that we hope will keep the logistics manageable while continuing our fundamental commitment to Houghton Library’s role in teaching at Harvard.

Due to limited facilities, we are only able to accommodate class visits from Harvard University courses. This is a temporary adjustment as we remain committed to hosting classes from outside the Harvard community, and will be happy to welcome back these classes when we reopen in September 2020. Instructors from outside of Harvard who would like for their classes to utilize Houghton's materials are encouraged to contact Houghton teaching staff, who are available to think through alternatives to a class visit.

Harvard instructors looking to schedule visits during the renovation period should keep these temporary policy changes in mind:

  • Harvard courses are limited to one Houghton visit per semester. Multi-section classes should use the same collection material for each section visit. We will work with instructors to find other options to supplement class sessions.
  • Classes should be requested a minimum of four weeks in advance, with final material requests made a minimum of two weeks in advance. Some collection material may be unavailable during the renovation. We will make every effort to suggest alternatives.
  • Class scheduling is limited to Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 4:30, and except in extraordinary circumstances is limited to 90 minutes in length.

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